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Working From a Small Studio in Cornwall Creating Fused Glass Wish Sticks and Gifts

Wish Sticks

Make a wish

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We can produce remakes however these will never be identical due to the nature of fused glass. We will send you a photo for you to confirm you are happy before we send you the link to purchase.

About Us

About Us.

We are a family run business working from a small studio and workshops in Cornwall. Our Fused Glass products are Handmade and where we are able we try to reflect aspects of Cornwall in the Artwork.

Our original backgrounding was in Education and Computer Services / Website Design, we decided that we both liked the idea of starting again as a bit of a life reset.

Hence, welcome to baggled .co.uk

Why baggled as the name?

One of our children, when they were young were constantly breaking things, we used to comment; ‘Oh what have you baggled now?’ , or  ‘Stop baggling you’ll break it!!’, generally too late though!

So the phrase baggled was born; for something that was broken, that we had to remake or repair.

Our childs nickname became baggle!

New Fused Glass Coaster Designs (They may turn into small dishes soon!?)

Gin and Cocktail Fused Glass Swizzle Sticks - Coming Soon

Gin and Cocktail Swizzle Sticks

We are in the process of creating a selection of Gin and Cocktail stirrers.

Ideal for a christmas gift for the Gin Connoisseur.

They will be in the Online Shop shortly.


Watch this space, or follow us on facebook or instagram.

You can buy direct at Jolly Little Gifts

We now have a small selection of our homemade fused glass items at Jolly Little Gifts in Launceston.

Find us at Jolly Little Gifts , Launceston, Cornwall.

Just off the main town square, pop in and take a look at our glass products and all the other amazing gift ideas in the shop.

Fused Glass Mackerel - Limited Stock

Fused Glass Mackerel

Back In Stock

Finally we have created some more fused glass mackerel (In different colours as well!)


New pictures will be uploaded later today and will be listed on the website shortly – watch this space!


Inspired by the beautiful coastline and fishing ports all round Cornwall.


Kiln fired to create a contour fuse.


Catch one in the fused glass shop now!

A fantastick wedding gift idea

Wedding Gift

Wish Stick Bride & Groom

A fantastick gift for the bride and groom to keep.

Comes in a presentation box.

A bright and cheerful reminder of the big day.

New Design in the Shop - Flying Seagull Sun Catcher

Fused Glass Flying Seagull

A contoured fused glass flying seagull mounted on driftwood


Inspired by the cheeky seagulls all around the cornish coast. 

Prototype Full Fused Glass Coaster (Now a small dish!)

Glass Coaster Surfing Waves

A prototype for full fused glass coaster set.


Inspired by waves on the sea around the North Cornwall Coastline.




Glass Dish Surfing Waves

As this was only a single coaster we decided to change it into a small dish!

Remember the sweetshop when you were young?

Visit the Sweet Shop

Wish Stick Midget Gems

Do you remember when you were young, going into the sweet shop and ordering a bag of Midget Gems or Gummy sweets?


Take a look at our Midget Gems Wish Sticks.


They really catch the light in your window.